Due to a plugin called jekyll-titles-from-headings which is supported by GitHub Pages by default. The above header (in the markdown file) will be automatically used as the pages title.

If the file does not start with a header, then the post title will be derived from the filename.

This is a sample blog post. You can talk about all sorts of fun things here.

This is a header

Some T-SQL Code

SELECT This, [Is], A, Code, Block -- Using SSMS style syntax highlighting
    , REVERSE('abc')
FROM dbo.SomeTable s
    CROSS JOIN dbo.OtherTable o;

Some PowerShell Code

Write-Host "This is a powershell Code block";

# There are many other languages you can use, but the style has to be loaded first

ForEach ($thing in $things) {
    Write-Output "It highlights it using the GitHub style"

Blog Archive
Archive of all previous blog posts
Blog Archive
Archive of all previous blog posts